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Our Independent Consultant Policies prohibit us from pre-selling inventory that we haven't yet purchased. To follow these policies, we wait until our order has been confirmed from our distributor and we have been charged before making any item available for PREORDER.

Jewelry and Accessories are available for purchase by Independent Consultants in limited quantities each weekday as "new releases."  In most cases, once inventory has been sold out, those pieces are no longer available. The hottest new releases can often sell out in less than one minute! 

PREORDER LISTING(S) are created when [additional] stock has been ordered, and the merchandise should be on its way to our store. PREORDER LISTING(S) allow you to proactively claim new inventory, and be the first to have it shipped out to you once received and stocked... By ordering a PREORDER, you agree to the PREORDER Terms and Conditions.

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